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What Can I Sing?

Remote Karaoke Request App

What Can I Sing is the number one Remote karaoke request app! Communicate with your karaoke host quickly and efficiently! Take the karaoke hosts songbook home with you! Get the free app now! Available for both Android and Apple Devices.

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Easy To Use!

Click on your preferred show.  Search the hosts songbook and send your request strait to their karaoke laptop.  If your preferred host is not using the remote karaoke request app, let them know and tell them to sign up! Your favorite karaoke tracks are saved to your custom list for all your favorite karaoke hotspots!  If your host is missing a track, send them a request through the app.  It's simple, efficient and eco friendly!

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Perfect Karaoke App
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List of features

Here is a rundown on some features of the App – there are a lot of them!!

Singers –

No “host code” required.

It runs much faster than web-based options.

Singers can choose to view the App in “Dark Mode” or “Light Mode”.

Location – Singers can see the nearest Karaoke and log in using a pin on a map. It also has a “list view” that will show you venues in order of “Closest to you”.

Directions – Singers can use the pin to give them directions to your show. Just tap on the “Directions” option and the App will automatically open your mapping system and give you step by step directions.

Scroll songbooks in title or artist order – switch back and forth.

It contains a built in “Event” creator. Singers can tap on a “Going/Attending” button and they will be added to the list. They can also remove themselves.

Singer’s can see specific information about the Host and their gigs.

Search function including “Fuzzy search” – searches title and artist simultaneously along with part words. You can add half a Title and half an Artist and it will find the song.

Submit a request directly from your phone.

Auto-populates requests with your name, but you can change this for another person or a duet.

History – View your history with the tap of a button. You can see what you have requested previously and when. It automatically breaks it up to show you what you did in each specific venue.

Favourites – allows singers to create their own list.

New additions – shows singers the last 100 songs added to the songbook.

Singers can make a request directly from Favourites or New additions.

Key change – singers can add a key change to their request.

New song request – Singers can send a message to the host asking them to get a song they don’t already have.

Singers can view a list of their current requests and see what the status of each one is.

Singers can take your songbook home with them and prepare during the week.

Withdraw request – If the singer decides to go home, or they simply just change their mind, they can withdraw their request directly from the App. Hosts will obviously receive a notification letting them know.

Singers can create an account using email, Facebook or Apple ID. They can link or change these details as they please.

Hosts –

Single/multiple songbooks – Hosts can create 1 songbook that they use in every venue, or create a different one for each venue. They can create specialty songbooks and keep them on file. A simple click will swap whatever songbook they have in a venue.

Timings – Host can pre-set the timings of when they take requests. No need to keep turning it on and off as you “set and forget”. The host can add additional time to start taking requests prior to the show starting.

Hosts receive a request and then respond by accepting or rejecting. The app will automatically send this message to the singer so they know. The host can add a reason to a rejected request. They can choose from standard responses or add their own. Requests are added to a “New Requests” list. They are added in order of when they are submitted, but the Host can manipulate this order to suit their needs.

Passwords – Hosts can set a different password for each venue. Perfect for multi-ops. You only need to give the specific password to your host for the venue they work in. You can keep your master admin account password secret and just give the Hosts the venue password. Or if you are solo, you can keep all of the logins the same.

New songs – We call it a “Missing Song Request”. Hosts can receive and respond to new song requests with the tap of a button. Perfect for those who “buy on the fly”. We give you the option to allow this or not. The Singer’s App has a menu item called “Missing Song Request” where they can ask the Host to get a new song. The Host can remove this feature if they want. If the Host turns this feature off, the menu item will be removed from the App.

Rotation – Hosts can simply drag and drop the order of the requests to match their own personal rotation needs.

Notifications – one of our most popular features – Hosts can send a message to a singer to say “you are up next”. This can cut down a lot of time waiting for (or trying to find) a singer. The App will tell you that you have sent the notification. We also give you the ability to rest this feature. If you call their name and they don’t’ come up, you can “undo” the notification so that singer can go back in the list. You can then send them a new “you’re next” notification later.

Position in the queue – Hosts have the option to allow Singers to see their position within the queue. When this feature is turned on and a request has been approved, the Singer will be able to see what number they are in the list. When a song is completed or withdrawn or the order changed, the numbers will update to show them exactly how many are in front of them. This is a completely option feature controlled by the Host. Best remote karaoke request app

Cut down on the fake requests – A singer needs an account to make a request. When the request comes through, the host automatically sees the name of the singer – key change and the account holder. If this account holder starts trying fake requests, hosts will see it immediately. Each account must have a unique phone number and email address meaning it is almost impossible to create multiple accounts.

Perfect handwriting – Well it’s text so hosts will never have trouble trying to read what it says.

Always the correct info – Have you ever had a request for “Streetlight people” or “Summer Lovin”? Well with our system, you can always be sure you are going to get the right info.

Faster and more interaction – Our system is so much faster than other methods meaning you have a lot more time to interact with your patrons.

Never print, update or repair a songbook ever again.

Kiosk mode – Hosts can provide singers with a dedicated kiosk without having to download any more Apps.

Statistics – Hosts are able to view a range of data including numbers of singers, numbers of songs, unique users, new and returning singers.

Songbooks only – If you want all of the features of a digital songbook, but don’t want the digital requests? Simply turn them off. Singers can have all of the features except making a request.

Limit the number of requests – Hosts can set a limit on the number of requests that a Singer can have in the queue. Once they reach this limit, they need to sing one before adding another.

Hosts can add specific information about their gigs. “First Friday of each month” or “80’s night on the 27th” or “$4 drinks” etc.

Host’s company name and logo are inserted into the App. That way Singers can see who they are dealing with and Hosts can personalise the App more.

Hosts can add images of the venue in order to help Singer’s find it.

Subscription options – we give you multiple options and allow you to choose based on what is best for you.

Disable a song. Ever had a Venue Manager tell you not to let people sing a specific song? You can simply disable the song in your songbook. If it doesn’t appear, nobody can request it.

Choose if you accept the request – when the request comes in, Hosts have the option to accept or decline the request. If you decline a request, you have the option of adding a pre-set response (someone else has already requested it for example). When you accept or decline the request, a notification automatically gets sent to the Singer letting them know.

Favourites list is linked to your songbook. If you use the same songbook in a different venue, your Singer’s favourites list will follow them. If they go to another Host, they will need to create a new list.

Key/Pitch change options. Hosts can turn off the ability for singers to add a Key/Pitch change. If you don’t use Key changes, you can make it so they don’t appear in the Singer’s App.

Hosts can Ban Singers for the event. If they are not following the rules, Hosts can Ban a singer for the remainder of the event. They can “unban” them if they want. Don’t worry if you forget to change it later, they are reset at the end of the event.

Hosts can choose to allow Singer’s to submit requests without logging in. While it will eliminate all of the Unique User functions, this means that a Singer can hit the “skip login” button and still be able to make requests (if the Host allows it). Singers will still be able to use their account if they want to, but the Host can choose to allow Singers without an account to make requests. Hosts can then choose if these “skip login” users can be included or excluded in the Random Draw function.

Hosts can Open and Close the requests throughout the event. If you have too many requests to get through, just close them off for the night. If you might be running short, just re-open them. Don’t worry about remembering to change it when you finish, this is also reset at the end of the event.

Hosts can “Buzz the crowd”. You can send a message to all of the Singers logged into the venue. This can be anything from “The bar closes in 5 minutes” to “Get your requests in now” to “$2 tacos”. Whatever message you want to send.

Hosts can choose to view the App in “Dark Mode” or “Light Mode”.

Notes in your songbook – we’ve given Hosts the ability to add extra notes to the song title. This can be used for things like Disc number, Song Manufacturer, Genre or anything else you want to add to it.

Web-Based Host version. Host can login on a website allowing them to use the same laptop as their Hosting software. This version has 2 additional features. First – it comes with a “copy” button allowing you to copy the song title to the clipboard. Then you can simply paste this into your search field. Second, it has a button where you can download the Singer’s profile pic. That way, when you call their name, you can display their photo on the screens if you want.

Random name picker. Tap on a button and it will select a name at random from all of the requests that have been approved during the event. Giving away a prize? It’s just like pulling a name out of a hat, but you don’t need any tickets. Got a “second prize”? Simple, just tap the button again. You can keep drawing names until every name has been drawn. We’ve given you some options on how the entries are handled. There are 3 settings – Allow multiple entries and a singer can be drawn multiple times – Allow multiple entries but a singer can only be drawn once – Do not allow multiple entries, one entry per singer.

We have a “one off subscription”. Hosting a party, wedding, function or private event? No need to use a full subscription. Just use our “One Off” option. With this option, we also give you the ability to “hide the pin” Doing that will keep the full location of the event private.

Built-in tipping. Singers can send a tip straight to the host from within the App. They can add a tip to a request or just send a tip on its own. The tips don’t touch our account so it goes straight to the host. You can even set this up so that each venue goes to a different host or all to the one.

Allow duplicate requests. We have a setting where you can choose to allow or block duplicate requests. If someone else has already requested a song, you might want to block anyone else form requesting it afterwards.

Songbook upload feature – When you create your songbook via an automatic download, if it creates a ”Header Row”, don’t worry. When you upload your songbook, it has a check box that asks if you have a header row. If you do, it will automatically delete the first row for you.

The App will increase your interactivity. Because you can manage your requests so much faster than the old way, it will give you a lot more time to interact with your customers. You don’t even need to be behind your DJ table for requests to come in!